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Storm Surrender

Book 5: Storm Damages Series

A Charming Rogue 

Time and time again Royce Storm has paved the way for Storm Industries energy projects. But he meets his match with the elders from a South American tribe who refuse to grant him rights to the Triboni River. After months of fruitless negotiations, an expert arrives who knows not only the tribe’s language but its customs as well. Problem is, the expert is a woman. She’s beautiful, smart, and has “No” written all over her.

A No-Nonsense Scholar 

When Cataleya Wilkinson offers her services to Storm Industries, she’s cautioned against succumbing to Royce’s charming ways. But she needs the experience as translator and cultural expert to procure a teaching position at an eminent British university. So during the interview she hints at a lack of interest in men.

A Dangerous Subterfuge 

After weeks of daily contact with Royce Storm, her walls start to crumble. She can’t seem to stay away from the man who sends her senses reeling. But when an ancient danger threatens the headway they’ve fought hard to achieve, they join forces to destroy a primordial evil intent on taking not only her innocence but their very lives.

The Details

Publisher: Hearts Afire Publishing
Published: February 2016