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Storm Conquered

Book 4: Storm Damages Series

A rebellious spitfire
After Brianna Storm discovers her illegitimacy, she flees England, hoping to lick her wounds by managing her family’s multi-million dollar project in Brazil. But once there, she acts irrationally, irresponsibly. Where she once took pride in her work, she now spends her days ignoring the thefts and vandalism going on around the place and her nights erotic dancing at the local bar.

An Honorable Man
Jake Cooper, her former bodyguard, arrives on the scene to ‘fix’ Brianna and get the enterprise back on track. To do that he must take on a new role–that of her lover, something he’s reluctant to do. After all, she’s nothing but a man eater. Even though he’s carried a torch forever, he’ll be damned if he’ll be another boy toy.

But when forces beyond their control threaten not only their safety but the life of someone closely related to her, they must face their enemy together, even if to do so would destroy them both.

Storm Damages (Book 1)
Storm Ravaged (Book 2)
Storm Redemption (Book 3)
Storm Conquered (Book 4)

The Details

Publisher: Hearts Afire Publishing
Published: October 2014