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My Smokin' Hot Valentine

Book 2: Italian Stallions Series

A Romance Author in Search of Inspiration

Ashley Roberts’ well has gone dry. She can’t write a sex scene to save her life. With a deadline looming, she heads to a ski resort to get her creative juices flowing again. She finds more than she hopes for in Nick Fazzone. What he doesn’t know about sex hasn’t been invented.

A Playboy in Search of Freedom

Last thing Nick Fazzone wants is the old ball and chain. But then he meets a woman who gets under his skin. Even after they part ways he can’t forget about her. And then he discovers she’s put him in one of her romance novels, including all his patented sex moves. Fuming from the betrayal, he concocts a plan that drives them together. And soon he’s wondering if his freedom is worth more than her love.

The Details

Publisher: Hearts Afire Publishing
Published: February 2016
ISBN-13: 978-1-943321-03-2