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A Christmas Kiss to Remember

Book 1: Italian Stallions Series

USA Today Bestselling Author Magda Alexander brings you a holiday series about four Italian brothers who crash, stumble and trip into love. On wants it’ another runs from it; a third finds it where he least expects it; and the last desperately needs it.

In A CHRISTMAS KISS TO REMEMBER, Marco Fazzone, the oldest sibling of an Italian-American family, embodies tradition. As such, he wants everything he’s been taught to value–a loving wife, a cozy home, children. But then one night he falls hard for a woman who wants nothing to do with tradition.

Haunted by memories of a tragedy from Christmas past, Kate Brooks only wants a brief holiday affair to help her forget. Soon she gets exactly what she wants. But what happens when her Italian lover wants more than a month of Kate in his bed? What happens when he wants her forever?

The Details

Publisher: Hearts Afire Publishing
Published: November 2015
ISBN-13: 978-1-943321-02-5