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Roughing the Player

Roughing the Player

A Chicago Outlaws Romance

USA Today Bestselling Author Magda Alexander brings you the next FULL LENGTH, STAND ALONE book in her red hot Chicago Outlaws series.

Most Valuable Party Boy

After a wild, sex-fueled party brings the wrong kind of notoriety to quarterback Brock Parker, his team trades him away. Relegated to backup status by the Chicago Outlaws, he’s doomed to never make the Hall of Fame. With his dream shattered, Brock’s one consolation is beautiful, hot Ellie Adams. His new sports agent, his high school tutor. The girl who got away.

Most Straitlaced Stick in the Mud

As a teenager, whip smart Eleanor Adams had fallen for Brock with disastrous consequences. But she’d picked herself up, dusted him off, and moved to a new town. Things hadn’t been easy, but she’d worked hard and graduated from law school. Now a sports agent, she won’t risk her chance at success. Least of all, to the playboy jock who almost ruined her life.

Most Salacious Scandal

But when another scandal threatens his spot on the team, Ellie’s forced to move in with him to save his career. Too late she realizes the colossal mistake she’s made. She can’t fight her attraction to him. After a night of sweet passion, she walks away once more. But fate’s not done with them yet. Because Ellie has a secret which, if revealed, will destroy them both.

A smokin’ hot, STANDALONE, FULL-LENGTH novel with a guaranteed HEA.

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Shattered Virtue

Shattered Virtue

A new erotic romantic suspense series from Magda Alexander

Haunted by her Past . . .
After graduating from law school, Madrigal Berkeley vows to discover why her parents’ killers got off scott free. But before she can embark on her quest, the ravishing beauty gets sidetracked by her grandfather who insists she intern at his law firm to learn the defense side of the law.

Damned by his Ambition . . .
The last thing top criminal defense attorney Trenton Steele wants is to train an apprentice-especially the boss’s granddaughter. But recognizing an opportunity, he demands something he covets in exchange for teaching Madrigal the ropes.

They Play a Dangerous Game . . .
Before long, this tough-as-nails lawyer and his wet-behind-the-ears intern are fighting more than court battles. They’re struggling against a sexual attraction that could ruin his career and derail hers before it even starts. Unable to stay away from each other, they set off on an investigation into her parents’ murders. And soon they’re uncovering long-buried secrets while succumbing to a passion neither can deny.

Shattered Virtue (Shattered #1)
Shattered Trust (Shattered #2) (Available Now)
Shattered Lies (Shattered #3) (coming 2017)


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