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Storm Conquered

Storm Conquered

Book 4: Storm Damages Series

A Rebellious Spitfire . . .

When Brianna Storm discovers her illegitimacy, she abandons everything dear to her. Where she once took pride in her work, she now turns a blind eye to the thefts and destruction at the Brazilian project she manages and spends her time erotic dancing at the local bar. In reality her antics are a diversion to a threat against her family. A threat which may claim the life of an innocent soul.

An Honorable Man . . .
Jake Cooper, her former bodyguard, arrives in Brazil to fix whatever’s wrong with Brianna and get the project back on track. To do that he must take on a new role—that of her lover. Something he’s reluctant to do. He’s carried a torch for her since the day they met and refuses to be her plaything. But when forces beyond their control threaten not only their safety but the life of someone closely related to her, they must face their enemy together, even if to do so would destroy them both.

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